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More often than not, the classification of health-apps as medical products and the assessment as a risk product proves to be a challenge. That the Medical Product Legislation is ever-changing makes it even more difficult.
In particular, the transitional period of the Medical Device Regulation (in short: MDR), which won't expire on May 26th, 2020, should be kept in mind, as it is accompanied by a change of the assessment framework, especially for health apps.
Although providers of health apps can influence the classification of their products through a subjective product description or purpose, this conversely means, that corresponding descriptions and advertising statements need to be coordinated precisely, to comply with limitations.
That's why VORBERG.LAW offers medical product check-ups for health apps, in course of which we check the product presentation and assess whether the app is a medical device at all and - if so- which risk class it presents itself within.


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We offer free first-aid against GDPR-warnings from troublemakers, warning assWe offer free first-aid against GDPR-warnings from troublemakers, warning associations, and competitors.


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  • to prevent GDPR warnings
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Free of never-ending texts and overflowing documents. First aid should consist only of the most essential information, to assess and prevent the gross risk of GDPR warnings. We help in the form of short and easy checklists and leaflets-


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