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Federal Joint Committee extends many exemptions for induced benefits (01.06.2020)

The federal Joint Comittee has extended almost all special regulations that apply to induced Benefits due to the Coronavirus pandemic by one month until June 30th. The following overview of the KBV summarises the regulations that continue to apply and those that cease to apply from June 1st:


Certificate of incapacity by phone is no longer possible (01.06.2020) 

Sick leave by telephone for mild upper respiratory tract disease will no longer be possible from June 1st. The corresponding exemption has not been extended again. From now on, patients will have to come to the practice in person again.


Certificate of incapacity by phone possible until May 31st (14.5.2020)

For patients with a disease of the upper respiratory tract, doctors can call in sick by telephone until the end of May. After that, the exemption ends and patients must present themselves in person at the practice again beginning on June 1st.

The possibility of extending the sick leave still exists. If the patient is still not healthy after one week, an extension by telephone is possible for up to seven more days. The regulation also applies to the issue of a "medical certificate for the receipt of sickness benefit when a child is ill" (Model 21). This also ends on 31 May.


Certificate of incapacity by phone extended until May 18th (29.4.2020) 

The derogation to issue an certificate of incapacity after consulting a doctor by telephone has been extended by two weeks. The extension was initially limited until May 4th. Now the new extension applies until 18.5.2020. A decision on an extension beyond this date is to be made in good time.


For now, getting a certificate of incapactiy for mild respiratory diseases is still possible by telephone (20.2.2020)

After criticism was voiced that the Joint Federal Committee did not extend the special regulations on certificates of incapacity in Corona times, the Joint Federal Committee today issued a statement and reinstated the telephone sick leave for mild respiratory diseases.

The non-extension of the special regulation on April 17th 2020 had been criticised in particular by doctors' associations, as there is still a lack of protective equipment in doctors' practices. Correspondingly, no lower risk situation in the practices could be assumed than in recent weeks.

The extension is initially valid until May 4th 2020. Sick leave by telephone is limited to one week and can be extended once if the illness persists.


Certificate of incapacity can no longer be acquired via phone after April 20th (20.4.2020)

The relaxation of the regulations on the certificate of incapacity voa phone, which allowed patients to obtain a certificate of incapacity to work up to a maximum of 14 days after consulting their doctor by telephone, was withdrawn. The joint federal committee did not agree to a corresponding extension, which was demanded by the medical profession. The special regulation thus ends on April 19th 2020. As of 20.4.2020, patients with minor illnesses of the upper respiratory tract have to return to the doctor's practice to acquire a sick note. All incapactiy certificates issued by telephone until 19.4.2020 are to remain valid.  



Partial remedies via possible via telemedicin (31.03.2020)

The video treatments in the field of voice, speech and language therapy except swallowing therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy for movement therapy/exercise treatment in individual treatment for the positions "movement exercises/opedic gymnastics" (X0301), "respiratory gymnastics" (X0302) and "respiratory and circulatory gymnastics" (X0303), for the item 'Physiotherapy treatment, including respiratory gymnastics, also on a neurophysiological basis as individual treatment' (/X0501) and the items 'Physiotherapy on a neurophysiological basis, including respiratory therapy for cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) (X0701) and 'Physiotherapy, including respiratory therapy, for mucoviscidosis and severe bronchial diseases, 60 min. “ (X0702) are possible.


Pain therapy consultation now also possible via video (27.03.2020)

From April 1st, pain therapy sessions can also be conducted via video. This option is not only available during the corona pandemic, but permanently. This was decided by the evaluation committee today.

The requirements for billing of the uniform value scale [Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab, EBM] item 30708 for consultation and discussion and/or clarification within the framework of pain therapy is adjusted accordingly in the uniform value scale section 30.7.1.

With this decision, the use of the video consultation hour has again been extended.


Simplified billing of video treatments (24.03.2020)

The KBV and the GKV-Spitzenverband have agreed that limitations on video consultation hours will initially be suspended for the 2nd quarter of 2020. This gives doctors and psychotherapists the opportunity to offer unlimited online consultation hours and to bill those accordingly. Billing is now possible in full, even if there was no previous personal contact.



Psychotherapy: Consultation hours and probationary sessions now also possible via video (24.03.2020)

Psychotherapeutic consultations and probationary sessions (including neuropsychological therapy) will initially also be made possible within the framework of the video consultation until June 30th 2020.

Up to now, this has only been possible for certain services of guideline psychotherapy and only if personal contact between patient and psychotherapist had taken place beforehand.


Postage costs for follow-up prescriptions will be reimbursed (24.03.2020)

With immediate effect, doctors will be reimbursed for postage costs for drug prescriptions and other prescriptions as well as referrals. This regulation is limited in time until June 30th 2020.



Presentation of the electronic health card not required (24.03.2020)

If there is only one telephone contact in a quarter, doctors take the data of the insured persons from the patient file. In this case it is not necessary to submit the electronic health card.


Certificate of incapacity by telephone for 14 days (23.03.2020)

The KBV and health insurance companies have now extended the regulations on sick leave by telephone. Patients with mild upper respiratory tract diseases can now receive a certificate of incapacity to work (AU) for a maximum of 14 days after consulting their doctor by telephone. They do not have to visit the doctor's office for this. This agreement is initially valid until June 23rd 2020.



Remedial therapy might get interrupted for a longer period (19.03.2020)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, remedial therapies may be interrupted for a longer period. The maximum period between the date of prescription and the start of therapy will also be suspended for the time being. In both cases, medical prescriptions remain valid. The health insurance associations at the federal level have published a corresponding recommendation to the health insurance funds to no longer check these time limits for the time being.

The recommendation refers to all remedies that contract physicians are allowed to prescribe: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, nutritional therapy, voice, speech and language therapy. It is valid until 30 April 2020 for the time being, and covers prescriptions by both contract physicians and contract dentists.



Video consulting hours now available without constrictions (16.03.2020)

The KBV and the GKV-Spitzenverband have abolished the limitation regulations. This means that the number of cases and service quantities are not limited. The limitation regulations were initially suspended for the second quarter. The KBV and the health insurance funds will examine by May 31st at the latest whether an extension is necessary. There will be no suspension for the current first quarter, as both sides assume that the 20 per cent mark will not be reached.