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Topic Overview

In an eight hour workshop, we discuss the legal background for an innovative medical product with its founders. In particular, we'll focus on the specifics of medical law, physician law, health insurance law, advertising law, the law on foundation, the right of participation, and the conditions of use.

This coaching's aim is, to work out a legal roadmap for a successful foundation. Not only is it important to identify and solve any problems that may arise, but also to train founders and participants in legal issues, so they may use the newly worked out legal foundations in any future decisions.

In an eight hour workshop, we discuss legal background info concerning the digitalisation with innovative companies of the healthcare sector.
Specifics of health insurance law, medical law, data protection law, advertising law, foundation and participation law and the conditions of use in the context of digitalization will be focussed on in particular. 

Aim of the coaching is, to work out a legal roadmap for successful digitalisation. The focus will be on the integration or development of
digital products. As a result, participants should not only be able to recognise and solve problems that may arise, but to train them in a way, that will have them be able to harmonise with each other, so they'll be able to use the legal foundations they developed for any upcoming decisions. 

Digitalisation in medicine has to begin in the head and heart of companies in the medical field. Starting digitalisation at any randomly chosen point without further detailed strategic considerations is of no help. Before that the questions of "Why?", "What?" and "How?" need to be addressed and answered. Together with the brand developers Brandrelation we, therefore, worked out a special strategy workshop for the creation of a digital identity.

This coaching aims to give the company a digital direction through the means of a digital identity together with the participants. This can be a compass for all of the company's further efforts concerning the digitalisation.

This coaching achieves particular success through the Lega-Brandplay Method, which makes it possible to get the best out of all participants.

Innovation in healthcare is often a special endeavour. That's why we also offer individual coachings for special questions or innovation projects. In the process, we will draw from our experiences from previous innovational projects as well as our previous insights in cooperation with our network in particular.

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